Recycling History

Over the past 30 years BC has introduced several Extender Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs operated by EPR Stewardship agencies representing BC’s producers and brand-owners as part of their compliance under the B.C. Recycling Regulations. More EPR programs are expected to come into effect soon. The increase in product stewardship programs and agencies is primarily due to the B.C. government’s commitment to the CCME Canada Wide Action Plan. The next 4 to 7 years could see between 20 to 25 stewardship agencies in total operating in BC.

EPR Stewardship agencies are industry led organizations appointed by producers to manage their products at the “end of life” and are very fortunate in having a flexible, performance-based regulatory framework in B.C. within which to operate. As part of their approved program Individual EPR Stewards (producers) determine how they will fund their respective recycling programs including management of collected deposits and eco fees that are paid by consumers at the time of product purchase.

Unlike other provinces in Canada, B.C. does not have an independent governing agency or oversight board to protect the interests of all stakeholders such as independently owned and operated recycling depots and consumers affected by EPR. Last year the EPR stewardship agencies collected approximately 400 million dollars of consumer monies. Currently an estimated 100 million dollars (collectively) of that consumer money is being held in unreserved EPR Stewardship Agency accounts. The government has no access to this consumer money.

The BCBRDA has been actively advocating for an independent all stakeholder governing board to over see EPR programs for over a decade. If you would like to support this initiative please contact the BCBRDA office

The BC Bottle and Recycling Depot Association was formed in 1997 to represent independently owned and operated bottle and recycling depots who are the backbone of the recycling network but are not recognized as vital partners under the current BC Recycling Regulations or by EPR programs agencies that operate the recycling programs, and to promote sustainable recycling programs in BC.